daily charity

This tool allows you to support multiple click-to-donate charity fund drives in a unified interface. It will save your last setting each time you visit.

Before using this tool, please take the following notes in consideration:

  1. Viewing the sponsors' advertisements is essential for the click-to-donate system to work.
  2. The tool relies on frames, and some sites require cookies for their proper functioning. Since Internet Explorer blocks cookies for sites within frames (called "third party" cookies), there may be problems with some of the sites.
  3. There is no special support for log-ins or user-IDs. (if you have an account at one of the sites)
  4. I cannot guarantee the clicks are actually counted, some sites may not accept clicks from dailycharity.
Daily Charity webmaster
1. Select fund drives:
(Click the project's name to learn about its causes and sponsors)
CharityUSA.com (manual click)
Hunger site
Breast cancer site
Child health site
Literacy site
Rainforest site
Animal rescue site

Care 2
Marine Wetlands
American Prairie
Baby Seals
Big cats (Tiger)
Big cats (Jaguar)
Big cats (Snow Leopard)
Children in need
Pets in need
Violence against women
End breast cancer
Ecology Fund
South American Rain Forest
Reduce pollution
Western U.S. Wilderness
Protect Endangered Species
Coastal Habitat

Red Jellyfish
Chimp food

Eco Ad
Solar site
Waste site
Oaks of the world

Misc sites
Swedish forest
Solve poverty
Mexican rainforest
Poverty fighters
Land care niagara
Stop HIV
Give a minute
The environment site

Misc sites (manual click)
Hungry children
Polish hunger site

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